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Our team at Bonnevilles will professionally wax your car with the highest quality wax, ensuring a lasting glossy finish.

We use Swissvax which is a premium carnauba wax offering a clarity and depth, even on unpolished paint.


  • 21 Stage 2 bucket method safe wash using all pH Neutral products
  • Full paintwork decontamination
  • Remove any tar spots with tar and glue remover
  • Panel wipe vehicle to prepare the paintwork
  • Swissvax cleaner fluid applied
  • High quality carnauba wax applied
  • Chrome and stainless steel polished and protected
  • Tyres dressed
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Inside and outer windows cleaned


SWISSVAX – BEST OF SHOW (50 Vol. % of pure Brazilian Grade One Carnauba)
Swissvax Wax provides an outstanding gloss experience on all coatings with a very deep and intense shine that will leave car enthusiasts speechless.

SWISSVAX – ONYX (30 Vol. % of pure Brazilian Grade One Carnauba)
Produces a streak-free gloss enhancing the paintwork surface with superior beading characteristics. Perfect on black and soft paint due to the high carnuba.

SWISSVAX – CRYSTAL ROCK (76% Vol. of pure ivory coloured Grade One Carnauba wax from Northern Brazil)
Crystal Rock also leaves a streak-free gloss and enhances the paintwork surface with best beading characteristics. This wax is ideal for classic car collectors and provides unparalleled clarity and paint depth.

Talk to our team and ensure your paint always looks pristine with regular maintenance washes.