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Gtechniqs Crystal Serum is super hard wearing and can reduce swirls and marring caused by poor washing.


  • 21 Stage 2 bucket method safe wash using all pH Neutral products
  • Snow Foam applied to lift any dirt and grit from the paintwork
  • Wheels cleaned using pH neutral wheel cleaner and horse hair wheel brushes
  • Door, boot shuts, petrol caps and all accessible areas of the vehicle cleaned
  • Vehicle dried using deep pile, soft microfibre towels and compressed air
  • Brake calipers and alloy wheels cleaned, including backs and inners, with a pH neutral wheel cleaner
  • Tyre walls and wheel arches cleaned
  • Door and boot shuts cleaned and rinsed
  • Pressure pre-wash
  • Snow foam vehicle
  • High pressure rinse to remove all surface grit
  • Hand wash using Gtechniq Gwash shampoo, multi stage 2 bucket method , grit guards and wash mitt
  • High pressure rinse
  • Vehicle and dried using ultra soft microfibre towel and compressed air
  • Full paintwork decontamination
  • Remove any tar spots, road grime and bug splatter with tar and glue remover
  • Claybar to remove further contaminants including exhaust fumes and natural gases
  • Single stage machine polish to rejuvenate the paintwork, remove light swirls and marring and give a good depth of shine
  • Panel wipe vehicle to prepare paintwork
  • Gtechniqs Crystal Serum and EXO are applied. This process requires a minimum of 4 hours curing time.
  • Tyres and arches dressed and protected as necessary
  • Polish and protect any exterior metal and chrome
  • Interior hoovered
  • Leather cleaned
  • Plastics wiped down


Keep your leather looking fresher for longer and reduce smells and staining.

Apply to cloth and fabric items to reduce smells and staining.

Protect plastics, leather effect and synthetic suede.

Talk to our team and ensure your paint always looks pristine with regular maintenance washes.